Bitcoin Dice Sites

Bitcoin dice is quickly becoming one of the most popular types of classic casino games available on BTC casinos. Furthermore, many enjoyers of dice are increasingly migrating from traditional gambling websites to casinos which accept Bitcoin, and use blockchain technology to make classic casino games more fair, secure, and likely to get the player to the moon.

From this guide, you will learn everything there is to know about Bitcoin dice sites. You will be able to find out what is a Bitcoin dice game, how it is different from traditional dice, and why provably fair algorithms utilized in Bitcoin casinos empower you to have full confidence that the dice site you are using is being 100% honest for you. Of course, the article will also provide you with a step by step guide on how to play Bitcoin dice game.

What is Bitcoin Dice Game?

Dice is one of the oldest games known to mankind. Our ancestors were enjoying playing dice thousands of years ago, in the prehistoric era, originally making dice from animal bones. Even though so many years have possessed, and we were able to even literally go to the moon, one thing has not changed at all: dice is still one of the most popular games in the world, enjoyed by everyone equally.

Of course, while the rules of the game remained almost exactly the same, the way in which we play dice has evolved along with the technological development of mankind. The greatest breakthrough was naturally the invention of the Internet: for the first time in history, fans of the classic casino game that is dice were given the option to conveniently play their favourite game without having to even leave their home.

Originally, online casinos with dice have started to be incredibly popular among the general public. But very quickly, fans of dice started to grow suspicious of online casino sites. The reason for that was simple: with traditional online casinos and gambling websites, there is absolutely no way for the player to verify if the casino is truly being fair - in other words, there’s always the possibility that the online casino you’re playing at is cheating you.

Fortunately, the invention of blockchain technology has completely disrupted the stale and outdated ecosystem of online casino websites. Bitcoin dice sites turned out to be much more than just typical online casino websites with dice which accept cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals, and instead they were able to completely revolutionize the way in which people can enjoy a game of dice.

How Is Bitcoin Dice Different From Classic Online Dice?

The most common misconception about gambling sites with Bitcoin dice games is that they are exactly the same as typical online casinos, with the only difference being in the fact that they accept BTC as one of the possible means of payment. However, this is very far from the truth - Bitcoin dice sites have a much better chance of sending you to the moon! ??

While many traditional casino sites started to accept Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals over the years, these websites are not true “Bitcoin casinos” in the true sense of the word. On sites like that, your BTC deposit is immediately converted to traditional fiat currency (such as the dollar or euro), and the actual dice games you play don’t use cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin dice sites are different - they utilize blockchain technology not only for making deposits, but also for the Bitcoin dice game itself. In other words, Bitcoin casinos allow you to actually play classic casino games such as dice while using bitcoins to play. More importantly, your winnings are also all in the form of bitcoins - and you can withdraw all your BTC to your personal crypto wallet whenever you want.

But the best thing about Bitcoin dice sites is their utilization of Provably Fair algorithms. While the benefits of using this algorithm will be explained in greater detail later in this guide, it’s enough to say that playing provably fair Bitcoin dice games can give you a 100% certainty that the Bitcoin dice site you’re using is being fully honest with you, and not cheating in any way.

How to Play Bitcoin Dice Game?

Many people still believe that Bitcoin dice sites are complicated, and that using them is much harder than playing on traditional online casino websites with dice. However, going to the moon with Bitcoin dice doesn’t have to be complicated: in fact, Bitcoin casinos are commonly considered much easier and more convenient to use than dice sites which are based on fiat currencies and not crypto.

Even for people who have absolutely no previous experience with blockchain technology or cryptocurrencies like BTC, using Bitcoin casinos will be really easy. If you follow these few simple steps, you will be able to start playing Bitcoin dice games in no time.

Choose a Casino

While this point might seem obvious, don’t try to neglect it and don’t skip to the next one! Choosing the right Bitcoin dice site can make the difference between making life-changing profits, and being scammed and left with nothing.

When choosing a Bitcoin dice website, it’s important to focus on the most important thing first. Unfortunately, many people are too preabsorbed with things like Bitcoin casino bonuses, and they forget to check the most important thing.

So, what is the first and most important thing to check before you start using a Bitcoin dice site? It’s simple: you need to be sure if the Bitcoin casino you’re about to play at is legal or not.

Of course, Bitcoin casinos are fully legal, so a legally operating BTC dice site should prominently display the information about the casino operator - in other words, the company which owns the Bitcoin dice site.

In this guide, we will use the example of - a reputable, 100% legal Bitcoin dice site. Naturally, you can choose a different Bitcoin casino website to play at, but always remember to check if the site you’re using is operating legally. Only legal Bitcoin dice sites can guarantee that your funds will be safe, and in some jurisdictions using unregistered crypto casinos can even be considered illegal!

Register an Account

If you’ve never used a Bitcoin dice site before, and only used traditional online casinos in the past, you will be pleasantly surprised by this step. Simply put, registering an account on a Bitcoin dice site is much easier than on outdated casino websites which do not accept cryptocurrencies like BTC.

To register an account on, go to and click the Sign Up button in the top right corner of the screen. You will be asked to set up a username (pay attention and choose wisely - it can’t be changed later!), and provide the referral code if you have any. The only thing left to be done is to check that you agree to the terms & conditions, and confirming the registration.

After you’ve done that, your new account on a Bitcoin dice site is now created, and you have been automatically logged in. However, before you go to the next step and deposit some crypto, you should set up an email and password first. To do that, go to Settings page and simply type in the required information.

And that’s it, your account is now fully usable! No need to share any sensitive, private information such as your real name and address - you can simply deposit BTC or any other supported cryptocurrency, and start playing right away.

Deposit funds

Although Bitcoin dice sites such as TrustDice usually support many different kinds of crypto coins and tokens, in this guide we will use the example of Bitcoin (BTC), as it is simply the most popular cryptocurrency by far.

To deposit funds, click the “Deposit” button in the top right corner of the screen. Then, select the coin or token you want to use (of course in this example, we choose BTC). After you confirm the selection, you will be given a Bitcoin address of your personal TrustDice BTC wallet.

All you have to do now is to copy the address, and paste it to your personal crypto wallet. Then, you simply send the desired amount of BTC and wait until the funds arrive on your account.

Take note that cryptocurrency transactions are not immediate - depending on many factors such as the network traffic at the time of making the deposit, it may take from a couple minutes to more than half an hour until the bitcoins are deposited to your account.

Get Ready to Go to the Moon!

And finally, you are ready to play your first Bitcoin dice game. Of course, when it comes to actually playing a game of dice, Bitcoin casinos are not that different from traditional online dice websites, or even from real-life casinos. After all, the rules of dice haven't changed in hundreds of years - so you can simply start to play and enjoy your favourite game right away!

Provably Fair Concept of Bitcoin Dice Game

Traditional, outdated gambling websites use simple random number generators as the basis of all the games you play. This solution has one major disadvantage: there is absolutely no way for you to check if the random number generator is actually “random”, so instead of getting closer to your dream of going to the moon, you might be getting cheated by the casino.

Provably fair Bitcoin dice sites are different - they use advanced cryptographic algorithms similar to those utilized in blockchain technology in order to provide people with a transparent and verifiable gambling experience.

In other words, Bitcoin dice sites which utilize provably fair algorithms empower you to be 100% sure that all the dice throws you make are fully fair. You can simply stop worrying and enjoy playing!

How Do Provably Fair Bitcoin Dice Games Work?

The main advantage of provably fair Bitcoin dice sites is the fact that you never have to trust them - every game can be verified by you personally, using an independent, third party website not affiliated with the casino you’re using in any way.

Verifying provably fair algorithms is very easy, and will only take a moment. It’s always something worth doing, since it can guarantee you fairness of the casino you’re using in an unfalsifiable way.

All you have to do in order to verify that the Bitcoin dice site you’re playing at is truly fair is to paste the game data provided to you be the casino before each game into one of numerous independent verifier websites that can be easily found online - the verifier will check if the cryptographic algorithms used by the casino were not altered in any way, and and give you the confidence that you’re not being cheated.

Bitcoin Dice Sites FAQ

Is Playing at Bitcoin Dice Sites Fully Legal?

Bitcoin casinos and Bitcoin dice websites are normal businesses operated by legally registered companies. Playing at legally registered Bitcoin dice sites is fully legal.

Is Using Bitcoin to Deposit and Withdraw Really Safe?

Bitcoin is considered one of the most secure payment methods on the market. All transactions made with Bitcoin are protected with extremely advanced, military-grade cryptographic algorithms. In general, using cryptocurrencies to make deposits at Bitcoin dice sites is considered very secure.

Can I Use Other Cryptocurrencies Than Bitcoin?

While it’s common to call crypto-based casinos “Bitcoin casinos”, in reality they almost always support more than one type of cryptocurrency. However, while all crypto casinos accept Bitcoin (BTC), the list of supported altcoins (alternative cryptocurrencies) vary between the websites, so always check the list of supported coins and tokens before making a deposit to a Bitcoin dice site.

Can I Withdraw My Bitcoins Easily?

The money you win is yours, and you can do with it whatever you want. Naturally, on any respectable Bitcoin dice site, all your winnings can be immediately and effortlessly withdrawn to your personal BTC wallet, whenever you want.

Can Bitcoin Dice Games Take You to the Moon?

Of course playing classic casino games like dice with Bitcoin can be risky, but it can also generate profit. Using sensible strategies can greatly mitigate the risks and maximize the gains of playing Bitcoin dice games, getting you closer to your goal of going to the moon!