Bitcoin Crash Gambling Sites

Originally, Bitcoin casinos were focused on providing the players with a new, more innovative and more secure way of playing traditional casino games such as dice or video poker. But recently, a new type of game is making the fans of online gambling closer to realizing their dream of goingo to the moon: Bitcoin Crash. ?

Bitcoin crash is a new, innovative type of casino game invented specifically for Bitcoin casinos. It’s very simple to learn and master, and unlike many games of luck, it involves some strategy and can be very profitable for a skilled player.

In this guide, you will find all there is to be known about Bitcoin crash gambling sites. You will discover what is Bitcoin crash, find out what are the advantages of provably fair Bitcoin crash sites, and learn how to start playing Bitcoin crash in just a few simple steps. Who know maybet Bitcoin Crash game can take you to the moon! ??

What is Bitcoin Crash Game?

Traditional casino games such as poker or dice have existed for hundreds if not thousands of years, far before online casino websites were invested. And while of course many people still enjoy playing these classic casino games on online gambling websites, many players prefer to look for something more exciting, and with a bigger chance of getting them to the moon.

Bitcoin crash is a new type of casino game. It’s not a digitized version of some old, classic game, but a completely new type of game, designed specifically to be played on Bitcoin casino sites.

One of the main reasons why Bitcoin crash gambling websites have been very popular recently is the fact that Bitcoin crash is extremely simple and easy to understand - the rules are even easier than in case of games such as dice, and everyone can grasp them immediately and start playing within seconds. However, for a skilled player, Bitcoin crash gambling also involves some skill, as employing various strategies can help to increase the profit and mitigate the risk of losing.

What Are the Rules of Bitcoin Crash Game?

Bitcoin crash is as easy as it gets: the main part of the game is a multiplier which is originally 1x and begins to rise at the game’s start. In order for the game to be more visual and engaging, the rising multiplier is also represented by a parabolic, increasing line.

The player can cash out at any time, as long as the multiplier keeps increasing. The longer you wait, the larger the multiplier gets and the bigger is your win. But of course, you can’t wait forever - if you become too greedy and wait too long, the line crashes and the game ends, which means that you lose the amount you’ve waged.

Although the main idea of Bitcoin crash gambling is very simple, employing different strategies can add extra variety to the game. Various strategies can be used depending on the risk factor tolerated by the player.

The most common strategy that the player can employ in order to mitigate the risk is to settle on a specific multiplier and cash out while reaching it every single game. Cashing out when the multiplier is only 1.25x or 1.5x and not 5x or 10x guarantees a much smaller win, but also massively mitigates the risk of losing. Because of that, many experienced fans of Bitcoin crash gambling prefer to win smaller amounts often instead of waiting for a one big win.

How to Play Bitcoin Crash Game?

The rules of the Bitcoin crash game are very simple, and using Bitcoin casinos which offer Bitcoin crash is also not complicated. Because of that, anyone can start playing Bitcoin crash easily, as going to the moon with Bitcoin crash doesn’t have to be hard!

By following the few simple steps described below, you will be able to start playing Bitcoin crash in the most effortless and secure way.

Choose a Bitcoin Crash Gambling Site

The first step is the most important one, so you shouldn’t skip it to try playing on the first Bitcoin crash gambling site you see. Choosing a quality Bitcoin crash website can help you to reduce the risks, and increase your gains.

The massive popularity of Bitcoin crash has caused hundreds of different crash gambling sites to appear. While the rules of the game are exactly the same on all of them, there are some important variables that you should always pay attention to when trying to find out whether the Bitcoin crash gambling site you want to play at will provide you with a good quality of service.

The most important thing while choosing a Bitcoin crash gambling site is simply checking if the website operates legally or not. Using only legal BTC crash sites is the best way to assure that you will not be scammed, and that you will be able to enjoy playing Bitcoin crash without any problems.

Checking if a Bitcoin crash gambling site is legal will only take you a moment, but can save you a lot of potential problems in the future. All you have to do is see whether a Bitcoin crash gambling you’re on features the name and address of the company which owns the website - if it does, you can be sure that the Bitcoin casino you’re about to play is legal.

As of 2022, the most popular Crash Gambling site is Crashino. They have 21 Crash Games live on their crypto casino and that is above any other casinos on the planet. If you are looking for crash games from well-known game providers with good visualizations, Crashino is your place.

In this guide, we will use the example of - a respected, fully legal Bitcoin crash gambling site which operates fully legally and can guarantee you a high level of quality and security. Of course, you can use another Bitcoin crash website if you prefer to do so, but always be sure that the Bitcoin casino you’re using is 100% legal - it’s the only way to be absolutely sure that you won’t be scammed.

Register an account

Creating an account on a Bitcoin crash gambling site is very easy, and much less problematic than going through a lengthy registration process on an outdated casino website. Even if you’ve never used any Bitcoin casino before, you will be able to make an account on a BTC crash gambling site and start playing within minutes.

In order to register an account on, go to the website and click the Register button in the top right corner of the screen. You will be asked to set up a username, password, email address and provide your date of birth to verify that you’re of legal age allowing you to play at online casinos.

After clicking the Confirm button, a registration email will be sent to you. After verifying your email address, you will be automatically logged to your account.

Unlike with traditional online casinos, using Bitcoin crash gambling sites like doesn’t require you to share any sensitive data such as your real name and address on the Internet. You will be able to start playing Bitcoin crash as soon as you deposit some crypto to your account.

Deposit Crypto

Since Bitcoin is by far the most popular digital currency on the market, in this guide we will be using BTC as an example. However, take note that supports many other crypto coins and tokens such as Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) or Ripple (XRP). In case you don’t own any of the supported cryptocurrencies, also allows you to buy crypto for fiat currencies directly on the platform, or to exchange one crypto for another.

To deposit funds, click the “Deposit” button after you’ve been logged on to your account. After choosing which cryptocurrency you want to deposit, you will be provided with the address of your personal wallet of the selected crypto.

The only thing that needs to be done is actually sending some cryptocurrency to your account. To do that, you need to use your crypto wallet app to send the desired amount of BTC to the address you’ve been given.

It’s worth remembering that cryptocurrency transactions are not finalized immediately. Depending on various factors such as the network traffic and the selected coin or token, the deposit can take anywhere from a couple minutes to over half an hour to complete. So don’t worry if the funds don’t arrive in your account immediately - it may take a while, so be patient!


After your funds have been deposited, you’ve got all it takes to play your first Bitcoin crash gambling game. No extra verification is needed - after you make an account and deposit funds, you can start to enjoy playing Bitcoin crash right away.

Provably Fair Concept of Bitcoin Crash Gambling

The concept of Provably Fair algorithms is one of the most revolutionary benefits of Bitcoin crash gambling sites. The idea of provably fair gambling massively increases your chances of going to the moon with Bitcoin crash: basically, it provides you with a way to verify that the BTC crash gambling website you’re using is not trying to cheat you. In other words, every game you play can be verified using an independent verifier.

Outdated online casinos which don’t include provably fair algorithms promise to be fair with you, but you don’t have any way of actually verifying if what they’re promising is true. Provably fair Bitcoin crash gambling sites are different - they empower you to see for yourself if the casino is fully transparent and fair.

The worst thing that can happen to a fan of online casinos is to find out that the website you’ve been using wasn’t fair with you. Sometimes, even the possibility of something like that happening can ruin all the fun.

Fortunately, provably fair algorithms remove even the slightest possibility of a Bitcoin crash gambling site being dishonest with you altogether. You can simply enjoy playing this innovative and fun game without having to worry about your casino’s transparency.

Bitcoin Crash Gambling FAQ

Is Bitcoin Crash Gambling Legal

Even though Bitcoin crash is a new game, playing it is not different from playing Bitcoin dice or Bitcoin video poker. In other words, it’s completely legal - but only if the Bitcoin crash gambling site you’re using is a legally registered business operated by a legal company. In other words, it’s always important to check whether the Bitcoin casino you’re using is legal before you start playing.

Can the Multiplier In Bitcoin Crash Literally Go to the Moon?

Theoretically, the multiplier in Bitcoin crash can always keep increasing. There’s no upper limit and no specific multiplier which will always make the parabolic line crash. In theory, this means that there’s also no upper limit to the amount of BTC you can win in a single game. On some occasions, the multiplier on Bitcoin crash gambling sites can even go as high as 500x!

How to Mitigate the Risk When Playing Bitcoin Crash?

The most popular way of mitigating the risk when Bitcoin crash gambling is to settle on a specific, relatively small multiplier such as 1.25x, 1.5x or 1.75x and to always cash out when the multiplier reaches the specified level. By doing this, you can avoid making emotional decisions such as waiting way too long and losing the game. While settling on a smaller multiplier might mean that you will never hit a single big win, over time your profit will grow larger.

Can I Use Other Coins than BTC on Bitcoin Crash Gambling Sites?

The name Bitcoin crash suggests that it’s a game specific to BTC, but fortunately that’s not really the case. Most Bitcoin crash gambling sites support a variety of crypto coins and tokens, so you won’t have any problems with making deposits or withdrawals using your favourite cryptocurrency.

Can I Withdraw The Bitcoins I Won Easily?

Whatever you have managed to win is yours, which means that you can withdraw it whenever you want and do with it whatever you like. Bitcoin crash gambling sites which operate legally should never give you any problems when you attempt to withdraw your funds to your personal crypto wallet.