Bitcoin Casino Sites

Blockchain technology has revolutionized not only the way in which people send and receivetransactions, but also the way in which we enjoy entertainment. Online casinos are not a new thing and they have been around for almost as long as the Internet itself. But Bitcoin Casinos are not simply online casinos which accept Bitcoin - compared to traditional gambling platforms, they provide numerous advantages to the users.

What are Bitcoin Casinos?

Bitcoin casinos are online gambling websites which accept Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies as the main method of making deposits and withdrawals. While some traditional online casinos support making BTC deposits through a third party Bitcoin payment processor, the users can’t really bet with crypto and they don’t have the option to withdraw their winnings to their Bitcoin wallets either. In other words, Bitcoin casinos shouldn’t be mistaken for typical online casinos which accept crypto deposits as one of the payment methods. In the case of Best Bitcoin Casinos, the entire platform - not only deposit and withdrawals, but also betting and the algorithms used in the games - is powered by blockchain technology.

How do Bitcoin Casinos Work?

Bitcoin casinos allow the fans of classic casino games to enjoy their hobby in a much easier, efficient and secure way than ever before. Forget going through a lengthy registration and verification process and having to type in your credit card data on the Internet - with Bitcoin casinos, you can simply send some crypto from your personal wallet to your account at the casino and you’ll be able to start playing right away!

When you win some money at a Bitcoin casino, you can immediately withdraw the funds to your personal wallet. Traditional online casinos require you to have a bank account to withdraw money, but with Bitcoin casinos, you can play casino games and withdraw your winnings without having to rely on banks.

And of course, the price of Bitcoin always keeps growing - so even if you only win $1000 today, if you hold your coins for some time, your prize can soon grow to $10,000 or more!

Best Bitcoin Casinos are easier to use, less problematic and more secure than outdated online casinos based on traditional fiat currencies such as dollar or euro. But there’s one more reason why so many people think Bitcoin casinos can take them to the moon: thanks to the employment of Provably Fair algorithms, crypto casinos can be more profitable, as the user gains 100% confidence that the casino will not cheat.

How Can Playing at Bitcoin Casinos Take You to the Moon?

In theory, every type of casino game has a set chance to win. For example, when you play dice, your chances of winning should be exactly the same regardless of the casino you’re playing at. However, the reality is different. Various online casinos vary greatly when it comes to fairness and profitability, and using provably fair Bitcoin casinos can take you to the moon much more likely than if you kept using outdated, inefficient online casinos which are not provably fair and won’t give you the option to deposit, withdraw and bet with Bitcoin.

Provably Fair Bitcoin Casinos: Your Fair Chance at Hitting the Jackpot

Blockchain-based casinos give the users a massive advantage over more old-fashioned gambling platforms. In the case of traditional casinos, there’s no way to be sure that the casino is not cheating on you by altering the chances of winning in their favor. By using a technology called Provably Fair algorithms, Bitcoin casinos can give you a verifiable methodt o be 100% certain that all your games are fully fair. The casinos that use the Provably Fair algorithm are caonsidered as the Best Bitcoin Casinos.

How Do Provably Fair Bitcoin Casinos Work?

Whenever you play a game at a provably fair Bitcoin casino, you will receive an encrypted hash of the seed used by the casino to generate random numbers. The hash will be sent to you before the game starts, and after you begin playing, the casino will not be able to change it.

After you finish playing, you can check if the game was truly fair. But you don’t have to trust the casino - instead, you can use one of the many third party provably fair verifiers available online for free. You simply paste the hash you received before the game and the final results to instantly know if your Bitcoin casino was fair with you, and if your chances of winning were not altered in any way.

Why Bitcoin Casinos Are the Next Big Thing?

Bitcoin casinos are much more than just an alternative to traditional online casinos, enjoyed only by a small number of crypto enthusiasts and blockchain investors. In fact, Bitcoin casinos are becoming increasingly popular, and just like the price of Bitcoin, their market share constantly keeps growing!

The advantages of Bitcoin casino games are so massive that many fans of classic casino games switch from outdated platforms to blockchain-based gambling websites even if they had no previous crypto experience - simply because they want to enjoy their favorite hobby in a more fair and secure way.

It would be very hard to list all the benefits of Bitcoin casinos, so let’s just mention some of the most important ones:


Sometimes you just feel like playing a few games of dice to relax yourself after a day of hard work. Why should that involve having to disclose your full name, address, phone number and credit card details on some website? Bitcoin casinos will never ask you to reveal any kind of private, personal data which should stay private - you can simply start playing anonymously right after you send some crypto to your Bitcoin casino account.


Outdated casino websites require you to have a bank account or a credit card. Even after you finish the lengthy registration and verification process, you sometimes need to wait a whole day before the funds deposited using traditional payment methods arrive on your account. Deposits and withdrawals using Bitcoin are much easier and faster, as all it takes is simply confirming a transaction in your crypto wallet.


Of course even if Bitcoin casinos had no other advantages, they would still be worth playing simply because of the employment of provably fair algorithms. After all, even the slightest suspicion that your casino is not being fair with you can remove all the fun from playing classic casino games. With provably fair Bitcoin casinos, you can simply relax and enjoy the games while being 100% confident that nobody is trying to cheat you.

The Ability to Win Real Money

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are mostly known for the extremely high level of security they provide. All transactions made on the blockchain are protected with military-grade cryptographic algorithms. In other words, using Bitcoin casinos is the best way to assure that all your deposits and withdrawals remain as safe as possible.


Last but not least - winning bitcoins simply feels much better than winning dollars or euros. After all, while traditional fiat currencies are constantly losing value due to inflation, the Bitcoin price keeps growing. Bitcoin is often considered “digital gold” and winning Bitcoin in a casino can make you feel as if you were winning gold coins!

What Are the Maximum Winnings at Bitcoin Casinos?

Bitcoin casinos are secure, fair, and easy-to-use. But when it comes to online casino games, most people are interested in one thing: can playing classic casino games at a Bitcoin casino really be profitable, and if so, how much can you actually win?

Of course, playing casino games can be risky (after all, the risk is half of the fun). A lot of people simply play casino games to relax and have fun. Sometimes they lose, and sometimes they win. But the elite veterans of casino games who know how to maximize their gains can really turn playing games into a source of serious cash flow. In other words: if you know what you’re doing, playing at Bitcoin casinos can be very profitable.

Like with anything that has to do with blockchain technology, you don’t have to trust us - you can verify everything by yourself. Many Bitcoin casinos are very transparent and feature leaderboards where everyone can check the profits made by the best players.

But let’s cut the chase and go straight to the numbers: how much money exactly can you make by playing Bitcoin casino games? Let’s take the popular Bitcoin casino as an example, and see how much money was won by the top 5 players:

Player Profit (BTC) Profit (USD)
KLITZ468.89188289$ 18,409,379
gohard279.27952514$ 10,964,921
LosDeXibalbaMC253.56537479$ 9,955,346
Predictable234.57655172$ 9,209,817
dudaxmaimons232.44655309$ 9,126,191

The numbers don’t lie - in just a single Bitcoin casino, the top player has won almost $20,000,000 (20 Million USD), and many people have won around $10 Million!

The cost of space tourism is becoming more accessible with every passing year, and the Bitcoin price constantly keeps growing. So when we say that using Bitcoin casinos can make you literally go to the moon, we actually mean it - the profits gained with Bitcoin casinos can make you skyrocket!

Shall I Take Advantage of the Bitcoin Casino Bonuses?

In order to make playing casino games even more profitable, many Bitcoin casinos feature very attractive bonuses to first-time players. By utilizing these bonuses in a smart way, anyone can drastically maximize their gains.

What Are Bitcoin Casino Bonuses?

Bitcoin casino bonuses are special promotions granted mainly to new users of Bitcoin gambling websites. Usually, all new users are eligible to enjoy the bonuses right after registering an account, and no extra effort is necessary to claim them.

Types of Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

Many different kinds of Bitcoin casino bonuses exist, but some of the most popular ones always enjoyed by Bitcoin casino games players include:

Welcome Bonus

This type of the bonus is the simplest, most straight-forward, and always being favored by the players. It’s easy: after you make an account, a certain amount of crypto will be deposited to it. Of course, you can’t just withdraw these funds right away - but if you use them to play and win, you can keep everything you won!

Deposit Bonus

Deposit bonus is quite similar to the welcome bonus described above. But instead of receiving the bonus just for registering an account on a Bitcoin casino, you will be given the bonus when you make your first deposit. On some casinos, you will be granted a specific amount of cryptocurrency, and on others the casino will double or even triple the exact amount that you’ve deposited.

Free Spins

Free spins are a type of a Bitcoin casino bonus especially valuable for beginners, as it allows you to try out the casino and learn to use it without having to risk any money. Simply put, free spins will allow you to play a certain amount of games (usually 50, 100 or even more) without having to wage any money. In other words, your first few dozens of games will be free!

Loyalty Bonus

Loyalty bonus is different from all the types of bonuses explained above - instead of being granted to first-time players and newcomers, it is designed to reward long-time players. In other words, if you keep playing at one casino, after a while you will be rewarded, either with some free crypto, or some free spins.

Tothemoon.Casino FAQ

What is is a project with a simple mission: we want to make history by sending a lucky Bitcoin casino player to the moon - literally!
Are Bitcoin Casinos Legal?
Bitcoin casinos are operated by legally registered companies subjected to the same laws and regulations as other firms. Playing at Bitcoin casinos is fully legal.
Are Bitcoin Casinos Secure?
Bitcoin casinos are very secure because all deposits and withdrawals are protected by military-grade algorithms utilized in blockchain technology. Using cryptocurrencies is much
safer than using traditional payment methods.
Can I Play at Bitcoin Casinos Anonymously?
Bitcoin casinos don’t require you to disclose any sensitive, personal information about yourself. You can deposit funds anonymously, and start playing without having to go through a lengthy verification process.
Can I Withdraw Funds From a Bitcoin Casino Whenever I Want?
Of course - your money is yours, and if you win some bitcoins, you can withdraw them to your personal wallet whenever you want.
What Is the Provably Fair Algorithm?
The provably fair algorithm is a method which utilizes cryptographic hashes to give you 100% certainty that every single game that you play on a Bitcoin casino is fully fair. You don’t have to trust the casino - you can verify everything by yourself.
What Games Can I Play on Bitcoin Casinos?
Bitcoin casinos feature a large number of casino games such as Bitcoin Dice, Bitcoin Keno, Bitcoin Crash, Bitcoin Plinko, Bitcoin Video Poker and many, many more!
What Do I Have to Do to Receive Bitcoin Casino Bonuses?
You don’t have to apply for the Bitcoin casino bonuses in any special way - on most Bitcoin casinos, the welcoming bonuses will be given to you as soon as you register an account.
Can Bitcoin Casinos Be Profitable?
Bitcoin casinos have proven to be profitable in a verifiable way. The leaderboards of the highest winners are public, and many people have won millions of dollars playing at Bitcoin casinos.
Is There a Risk Involved in Bitcoin Casinos?
Of course, playing casino games involves some risk - after all, playing a game with no risk would be no fun at all. However, Bitcoin casinos also include tools which allow the players to mitigate the risk, for example by setting limits on the plays.